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  • Power on

    Press the ” □ ” button for ~2 seconds, until you hear the “start up” sounds, the indicator lights and tail light will flash twice to show it has successfully powered on.

  • Power off

    When the device is powered on, long press “□” until you hear the “power off” sounds, the indicator lights and tail light will flash once showing it is powering off.

  • Connecting your device to your smartphone

    When the helmet is power off, long press “□” until you hear the “paring” sound, indicating the device is in paring mode; in your smartphone settings search for your helmets model number in the list of bluetooth devices available, then tap to connect. The speakers (on both sides) will make the “paring successful” sound when the connection is completed. The connection will be made automatically next time you wish to connect.

  • Answer and end calls

    When there’s an incoming call, the device would give a notification sound, press “□” to answer the call, long press to reject and “□” to end a call.

  • Redial calls

    When the helmet is powered on, quick press “□” twice to dial the last number you called.

  • Music Player

    When the helmet is powered on, press “□” to play music (you need to have open a music player APP on your smartphone before can use this operation). Long press “-” to play the previous song, and long press “+” for the next song.

  • Volume Controls 

    During music playback or voice calls, press “+” to increase volume, or “-” to decrease the audio levels.

  • Helmet languages

    The default setting is English. If you wish to change this then when the product is powered, first hold the “-” button, then press “+” to cycle languages, from English -> Chinese -> French ->Spanish; when the language is selected, Release the “-” button.

  • Charging

    Use the supplied USB cable to connect the USB port under the tail light to a charger with a USB (DC 5V) port. When connected, the two indicator lights in the middle of the tail light will flash red (these are not the indicators used under normal standby state) and green when the charging is complete. The average charging time around 3.5 hours.

  • Charging

    Remove the waterproof USB block and use the supplied Micro USB cable to connect to a charger. During charging, the indicator light will flash every four seconds and will stop flashing once the charging is complete.

  • Connection State

    When is standby state, pressing any button would make the remote flash its indicator light – showing that it’s connecting.When the connection is completed, the indicator light will stay on solid. When it fails to connect, it enters a connection waiting/paring state.

  • Paring mode

    When in standby mode, press any button for ~3 seconds, and if there’s no LIVALL app to connect, the indicator light will flash every 2 seconds – indicating the device is in paring mode. If no connection is made within 30 seconds, the device will return to standby mode.

  • Successful Connection

    The indicator light will stay on when the connection is successful, until the device enters standby state.

1. In the LIVALL app, ensure permissions have been given to use mobile signal/data, contacts etc.

2. Ensure you have logged in and set up emergency contact within the LIVALL app.

3. When the helmet is hit, it enters SOS mode. (you can test this by trowing the helmet up in the air then catching it).

4. If SOS mode is not interrupted in the LIVALL app, the countdown concludes and a message is sent automatically.

– Ensure your smartphones Bluetooth is turned on. Hold the mobile phone close to the device and tap “Retry” in the LIVALL App.

– Check whether the helmet is powered on and in pairing mode.

– If the problem persists, try turning Bluetooth off on your smartphone, waiting a few seconds, then turn Bluetooth back on.

– You could also try closing the LIVALL application then restarting it.


1. To connect the device for the first time, long press the on/off key on the helmet to enter “Pairing” mode. To reconnect, long press the on/off key on the helmet to enter “On” status.

2. Open the LIVALL app on your smartphone and turn Bluetooth on. Keep your phone close to your helmet, then tap the ‘helmet’ column on the app device page. Your smartphone will connect to the helmet automatically.


1. To connect the device for the first time, long press the on/off key on the helmet to enter “Pairing” mode. To reconnect, long press the on/off key on the helmet to enter “On” status.

2. Open the LIVALL app on your smartphone and turn Bluetooth on. Keep your phone close to your helmet, then tap the ‘helmet’ column on the app device page to enter searching mode, you will then be prompted to go to Bluetooth settings to find the helmet to connect.

3. Find the corresponding device (This could be “Helmetphone”, “Helmet Headset”, “BH60”, “BH51M”, “BH51T” or your respected product model) on your phone Bluetooth setting to connect manually. The helmet will notify you when a successful connection is made.

4. The successful connection is prompted when you go back to the LIVALL app, then the connection process is done.

1. When connecting for the first time, press any key on Remote Controller to activate pairing mode, turn your smartphones Bluetooth on, and open the LIVALL app. Tap “Remote Controller” to enter scanning mode.

2. Ensure your smartphone is close to the Remote Controller. The middle indicator of Remote Controller will light solid, indicating a successful connection.

1. Rotate the Cadence Sensor to activate it, and turn on your smartphones Bluetooth. Open the LIVALL app and tap the Cadence Sensor to enter scanning mode.

2. Ensure your smartphone is close to the Cadence Sensor. Your smartphone will connect to the Cadence Sensor automatically.

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Bluetooth distance: >10 meters (with nothing blocking the signal)
  • Battery capacity: Replaceable button battery (CR2032 – 3V/210mAH)
  • Sensor: 3-axis low power consumption sensor
  • Battery life: >360 days
  • Product Size: 30*30*12mm

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