LIVALL Crash Replacement Form

We regret to hear that you have been involved in an incident and we do hope you’re road to recovery is a short one! The LIVALL crash replacement policy is available to ensure you peace of mind after your crash.

Although you may not see any visual signs of damage to your helmet, we cannot guarantee the subsequent performance of a helmet that has been involved in an impact and highly recommend that it is replaced.

The terms of our policy mean you are entitled to a replacement helmet at 25% off the recommended retail price.

The policy can only be used against like for like models unless the model has been discontinued. Please see the LIVALL product categories for available helmets.

The LIVALL crash replacement policy offered through Second Chance Ltd is available to UK residents only.

Please fill in the form below and include an image of your damaged helmet, along with your original proof of purchase from an authorised LIVALL retailer.

    Upload a picture of your helmet:
    Upload proof of purchase:

    Depending on the image file sizes, it may take a few seconds for our form to send through. Please wait for confirmation.