LIVALL EVO21 receives great reviews ahead of winter release!

LIVALL EVO21 Ultraviolet and White

LIVALL EVO21 receives great reviews ahead of winter release!

Inspired by time trial aero helmets, LIVALL’s latest road bike smart helmet keeps you safe whilst also providing a stylish look.

The helmet comes with a remote control that allows for turn signalling via the LED’s, Siri compatibility, and even the option to take a picture using your smartphone camera. You can attach the remote control to the handlebars extremely easily using the detachable bracket that comes in various sizes.

Connect the remote control to your smartphone via Bluetooth to use your camera, play music, and enjoy the ride. Made with the latest, and highest-quality EPS impact-absorbing liner, the helmet offers incredible protection from any potential falls. If the worst-case scenario does occur and you do fall off your bike/e-scooter, the LIVALL Riding App automatically sends an SOS message to your emergency contact with your location. If the fall isn’t serious, you can simply cancel the message within the time limit on your smartphone.

The helmet also has a powerful front light, placed at the angle that faces the road when the cyclist is in sprinting position. It also has 270-degree super-bright rear lights indicating the direction the user is going. The light emitting diodes are extremely bright ensuring the user’s safety, whether it is being used at day or night. Anti-gravity technology means the brake light activates automatically allowing other road users to notice when the user is slowing down.

Due to lockdown, a lot of people took up cycling to get out of the house. Now we are back to normality, the LIVALL EVO21 is another reason to get out on the road. It is available for Pre-Order now for its release in early November 2021.

Weighing only 350g, and available in a variety of different colours, it serves as the perfect Christmas present for your cycling-mad friend/partner. Get yours in time for Christmas for only £99.99 at

Check out some reviews of the LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet: (21:44 – 24:09)

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