Thanks for visiting LIVALL reviews page. Here you’ll find reviews from some of the leading cycling industry experts across the UK. We know what is important to UK cyclists and we have worked hard to make LIVALL products the best they can be!

Hannah Bussey from the UK’s best-selling cycling magazine Cycling Weekly gives an in-depth review for the LIVALL BH60SE Matt Black, which scores 9/10 “Mindblowingly impressive”.

Peter Reynolds from Discerning Cyclist gives a balanced review for the LIVALL BH51M. Peter highlights its use for commuters and really runs through all the unique functions. “LIVALL BH51M is a quality helmet for commuters”.

This review from THE 5K RUNNER looks at first impressions, target markets, unboxing, sizing, controls and functions with a real focus on SOS and group functionality. LIVALL smart helmets can help a wide range of UK cyclists and this review highlights commuters, Sunday group and concerned parents as the right audience for LIVALL products. The design is also compared with other helmets. “Simply put: It’s a normal-looking helmet filled with smartness”.

Cool Smartphone
Leigh Geary looks into the technology that makes LIVALL great! Each LIVALL helmet is packed with innovative technology and lots of features. Leigh really breaks each technology feature down “Overall, it’s a really cool gadget for keeping you entertained, in touch and seen”.

Bikebiz delivers trade information to the entire cycle industry. LIVALL were featured and Bikebiz highlighted all the award we won in less than 12 months! Awards from ISPO Munich – Product of the year, Eurobike, Tech for a Better World Innovation Award at CES,

The Cycling Scot Colin Baird looks at the BH60SE LIVALL smart helmet. This review really helps explain how comfortable and easy our helmets are to use “Easy to Operate”. “I had a lot of fun with the Livall BH60SE. It is crammed full of exciting features, which are examples of great design”

James Smythe from Mighty Gadget scores LIVALL 87% based on the following Build, Features, Performance and Price. James guides you through every aspect of the BH60SE from design to set up and performance.

Dann Simmons, a member of the BBC’s Click team visits LIVALL at the IFA Exhibition in Berlin and try’s out our award winning LIVALL BH51M Smart helmet.