• Smart Lighting
  • Brake Warning Lights
  • Removable Visor
  • Fall Detection
  • Auto ON/OFF
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For the urban rider who seeks seamless integration of technology and style, the LIVALL L23 Smart Urban Helmet is the embodiment of the modern commute. Carefully crafted to cater to urban cyclists, this helmet combines cutting-edge safety features with a sophisticated design.

LED Lighting and Brake Warning Lights

The well-positioned bright LED warning lights warn traffic to give you enough space. When the built-in accelerometer sensor detects a significant deceleration, the lights, will be activated acting as brake lights warning traffic and pedestrians you are slowing down. When the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the rear lights will be highlighted for 8 seconds to draw the attention of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

Removable Visor

The L23 helmet has a visor that can be removed or installed according to user's need.

IPX5 Water Resistant

With the L23 having an IPX5 water resistant rating, it can handle wet weather with ease. Helping you be more visible in these difficult conditions.

The L23 helmet has also been designed with versatility in mind, perfect for cyclists and electric scooter riders.

Fall Detection with SOS Alert

As the first brand to actualize patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert function in outdoor sports, LIVALL L23 has special sensors that can detect your fall when an accident happens. An SMS alert will be sent to your preset emergency contacts with GPS location after 90 seconds.

LIVALL has features that may be able to assist in certain emergency situations. Be aware that LIVALL cannot guarantee to detect all falls.

Crash-tested certified as standard: EN1078 CE

SAFETY WARNINGS: LIVALL HELMETS have features that may be able to assist in certain emergency situations but please be aware that LIVALL HELMETS cannot detect all falls, crashes or other medical issues that you may experience.  LIVALL HELMETS should not be used as a substitute for any recognised, approved, or accredited medical or personal monitoring devices, which may be able to assist in similar situations. Using LIVALL HELMETS in some circumstances can distract you and may cause a dangerous situation (for example, taking a call while in motion).  Observe rules that prohibit or restrict the use of mobile devices or any of the features provided by LIVALL HELMETS and enhance your safety and wellbeing. LIVALL HELMETS are not intended for use where the failure of the product and its functionalities and any third-party devices, software, or other products could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage. Please be aware that issues in transmitting calls to your emergency contacts may not derive from any failure in LIVALL HELMET and its features but instead the devices with which it interacts, any third-party service providers (including telephone network or data providers), or other issues such as reduced battery life, lack of mobile or GPS signal. These issues may derive from your own devices or those of your emergency contacts. The product and associated software comprising LIVALL HELMETS are for use in addition to, or as a supplement to, your existing and/or required procedures for fall protection/prevention or monitoring.  As we make no guarantees that LIVALL HELMETS and its features will operate without interruption, delays, bugs, or errors and accordingly you must not rely on it or replace any other safety or monitoring procedures/precautions you would normally use if you didn’t have LIVALL HELMET.

Weight .904 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 18.5 cm



Large (58-62 cm), Medium (54-58 cm)


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