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Full Visibility

LIVALL helmets have full visibility with front warning lights working together with tail lights. A built-in accelerometer sensor can also detect significant deceleration, automatically triggering the front and back lights, activating for 3 seconds notifying cars and pedestrians your slowing down. Not only that bright LED turn signals can also be turned on and off via a Bluetooth handlebar remote control.

Serious Impact Protection

The EVO21 proven impact management system comes with dual protection systems designed to keep you safe. The first layer spreads the force of a crash throughout the shell, minimizing force and cushioning your head. The second layer absorbs the remaining pressure and keeps it away from your head. And the final layer ensuring a comfy fit no matter how long your ride.

Patented Fall Detection

SOS alert systems are nothing new for LIVALL. We’ve been keeping riders safe by perfecting our fall detection and SOS alerts for years. Our helmets can detect falls anywhere above 1.5 meters, which triggers an SOS alert to your emergency contact giving them your precise GPS location. The system does gives you 90 seconds before the message is sent for any false alarms


  • LIVALL App provides you with a cycling trip with a different experience.
  • Start your cycling trip easily, Keep track of your riding data accurately and share your wonderful trip with your friends.
  • Group Riding feature can make your team’s riding joyful by learning your teammates’ real-time location and not letting your teammates fall behind.
  • The new version supports Bluetooth to connect the Bling Helmet, Bling Jet and Nano Cadence, proving you with comprehensive and accurate data.
  • Keep you and teammates to communicate instantly and get the accurate information immediately.


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